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In VipIP one level an referrals. The Percent add from 10 before 15% depending on amounts You earned (to example 11% give after earning 4$).
If all Your Referrals per diem have earned on 0,50$, but You only 0,15$, that You will add the amount as if they have earned 0,15$. Such be system rule.
Secrets for VipIP
After 00.00 on Moscow for serfing available beside 150 Paid To Click Earnings. But their give the portions (from 10 before 60 for once). Decently earn on VipIP possible if beside you dynamic IP.
More simply whole this hear possible in its Account VipIP. On the most top pages Account there is record IP, and numerals opposite. Remember the last of numeral, come out of Account VipIP, are disconnected from and wait several minutes (5-10). Then newly call at in its Account and if numerals opposite IP change that you wildly good - beside you dynamic IP and You may whole day go Standard serfing. When ends Standard serfing, are disconnected from, then once again call at in its Account and all is repeated.
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offered program - will much Paid To Click Earnings

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